Use knit, purl stitches and slip stitch with yarn in front to create a butterfly bowknot pattern.

Special abbreviation
Butterfly stitch: Insert left hand needle down through the 3 loose strands below next stitch, purl these 3 strands together with next stitch on needle.

Cast on a multiple of 10 + 7.
Note: It's important to be sure the working yarn is loose behind the 5 slipped stitches.
Row 1: K1, * sl5 wyif, k5; rep from * to last 6 sts, sl5 wyif, k1
Row 2: Purl all sts.
Row 3: Rep Row 1.
Row 4: Purl all sts.
Row 5: Rep Row 1.
Row 6: P3, * Butterfly stitch, p9; rep from * to last 4 sts, Butterfly stitch, p3.
Row 7: K6,  * sl5 wyif, k5; rep from * to last st, k1.
Row 8: Purl all sts.
Row 9: Rep Row 7.
Row 10: Purl all sts.
Row 11: Rep Row 7.
Row 12: P8, * Butterfly stitch, p9; rep from * to last 9 sts, Butterfly stitch, p8.
Repeat rows 1 to 12.

Knitting abbreviations:
Knit: K | Purl: P  |  Slip stitch purlwise with yarn in front: SL wyif